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On this page you will find our original educational content to help you reduce your household waste.


One of our missions it to bring together sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic products available to you all in one place. Under this Resources page you can find educational materials from local institutions and non-profits all in one place to help you learn more about plastic pollution and how you can be apart of a solution! Check out our Recycling and Microplastics pages for more resources!

Plastic Pollution & COVID Waste

Virgin plastic manufacture is on the rise and this means also plastic pollution as virgin plastic is cheaper to obtain than recycled plastic. Plastic pollution is the second largest threat to our environment following climate change. Plastics contribute to greenhouse gases at every step of production, from oil extraction to refining and manufacturing and even when plastic starts to breakdown in our environment. 

"The manufacture of four plastic bottles alone releases the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions of driving one mile in a car, ... The United States burns six times more plastic than it recycles, ... But the coronavirus has accentuated a trend to create more, not less, plastic trash, ... The oil and gas industry (i.e. the plastic industry) plans to spend around $400 billion over the next five years on plants to make raw materials for virgin plastic, ... This is because, as a growing fleet of electric vehicles and improved engine efficiency reduce fuel demand, the industry hopes rising demand for new plastic can assure future growth in demand for oil and gas."

Read more about how COVID-19 trashed the recycling dream in this article. 

The Plastic Health Pandemic

Plastic has been effecting our health since it's mass production in the 1950's, from the dangerous chemical additives to toxic leachates, plastic has been poisoning us since day one. The Plastic Soup Foundation has launched their own plastic health channel on YouTube and hosts the Plastic Health Summit every year to inform you of the dangers of plastic to our health. Check out these two resources to learn more! 

Learn how to reduce your household waste in just 5 minutes!

May 16th, 2020

We were invited to host a Facebook Live teaching with Purposeful Living Healing Center. We decided to educate our viewers on how the plastics industry is exploiting peoples' fears during the COVID 19 pandemic to use more single-use plastics and we provided evidence based information against their claims that using single-use plastics are the only way to survive this pandemic. We added this educational video here for your viewing pleasure. Please reach out to us for any additional information or questions you may have on this topic. 

Earth Day April 22nd, 2020

On Earth Day we were invited to take over the Wyld Collective's Instagram page. Here we added these educational videos to help you, consumers, reduce their household waste. Please enjoy our selection of videos of how our business came to fruition, DIY's, How To's, product uses, and more! 

Introduction to Take Over event: How Black Rock Refill came to fruition

Loose Leaf Tea: How to steep and Why it benefits us and our environment

How to make ZERO WASTE almond milk

LOW WASTE shower routine using Black Rock Refill products

LOW WASTE dental hygiene routine using Black Rock Refill products

How to REPURPOSE painted canvases into REUSABLE chalk boards

How to make Jell-O shots with REPURPOSED plastic condiment containers

Learn how to have a ZERO WASTE laundry routine

LOW WASTE personal care routine using Black Rock Refill products

ZERO WASTE gift wrapping: An introduction to the art of Furoshiki