University Campus Refill Initiative

Plastic-free YOUniversity

Black Rock Refill has partnered with the Nevada Wolf Shop located on the beautiful University of Nevada, Reno campus to start a new sustainable initiative with a mission to reduce plastic waste on campus, the Campus Refill Initiative! The Campus Refill Initiative is now open and you can find reusable, refillable, and zero waste products to help you reduce your household plastic waste! We are located in the Nevada Wolf Shop @ The Joe north campus AND south campus on the first floor of the Great Basin Residence Hall. Please stop by and check us out! 

Our Mission

To educate students how to reduce their household waste.  First time college students are making their own lifestyle choices for the first time out of their parents' homes, we are taking full advantage to educate them on the concepts or reusing and refilling in hopes that they will continue these practices after graduation! 

Total UNR Impact since Fall 2018

Wasteful items we have prevented from entering either a

landfill or our delicate ecosystems:








Plastic Utensils

Plastic Sandwich/snack bags

Chemical Dryer Sheets

Plastic Floss Containers

Plastic Toothbrushes

Disposable Plastic Razors or Heads

Plastic Bottles of Laundry Products