Corporate Campus Refill Initiative

Why should Campus Refill Initiative only apply to university campuses when there are many other types of campuses out there? That's why we have decided to offer our products and services as an employee benefit to corporate campuses! 

Our Corporate Campus Refill program is easy as 1, 2, 3 ...



Sign your campus up to our Campus Refill Service


Employees order products and refills online and deliveries will be made weekly to your campus



5% of all sales of your campus will be donated to a nonprofit of choice and environmental impact and donation reports will be issued quarterly

Corporate Campus Refill Initiative workflow

Order products & refills online by Wednesday every week

5% of sales donated to NPO of choice

Deliveries made every Friday to your campus

Environmental impact & donation reports issued quarterly

So, how does it work? 







Help us make a bigger IMPACT by joining your campus to Campus Refill Initiative!


Want to see Campus Refill Initiative start up on your Corporate campus? Contact Us with your interest and we'll get started on making an impact on your campus!