Black Rock Recycling Program


We would appreciate to collect all CLEANED and DRIED "non-recyclables" dropped off to us. Thank you!

Late July Snacks Recycling includes all snack packaging.


Don Francisco's Coffee & Cafe La Llave Coffee Pod. This program is brand specific, we will not accept any other brands of coffee pods. 


Gerber Baby Food Packaging.

Gerber believes the baby food industry should help create a world where babies thrive, now you can recycle Gerber baby food packaging! Including flexible or rigid plastic packaging, shrink labels, plastic containers, plastic lids, and flexible plastic pouches. 


Barilla Ready Pasta Pouches

Barilla 2.jpg

NOW food and supplement pouches, and XyliWhite toothpaste tubes

NOW 2.jpg

GU Performance Nutrition energy chew packets, energy gel packets, hydration drink mix stick packs, recovery drink mix & GU Roctane energy drink mix pouches, GU Gel 15 serving pouches, and energy stroopwafel wrappers

GU 2.jpg

Reserve Products GIMME 5 program accepts CLEAN, STAMPED, RIGID #5 plastics, which include dairy containers, dip containers, plastic caps (even if not stamped), Preserve Products (no razor blades), and prescription bottles (please remove all prescription labels from these bottles)

Preserve 2.jpg