Campus Refill Initiative fighting plastic pollution one utensil at a time

We're fighting plastic pollution! 

And YOU ... make the impact!

Making small changes in your everyday lifestyle can make a HUGE impact in our environment. Small changes like choosing to refill your laundry detergent or choosing to reuse food packaging can make the difference in our environment and in our future! We try to make these changes easier for you by conveniently providing reusable and refillable everyday items all in one place. Check out our products and services and contact us if you have any questions

We do not have a brick and mortar location, however, we have partnered up with some cool businesses in town to help us provide our products to you! Check out our locations or our online store for fast delivery to your door! 


We provide convenient accessibility to our reusable & refillable products & we educate our customers & community on the importance of reusing and refilling. 

Customer at Campus Refill Initiative



All refills come pre-weighed in recyclable or compostable packaging.

Refillable lavender laundry detergent

New Arrivals!




Cake Mascara &

Brush Set

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Solid Lemon Dish Soap & Accessories


Best Sellers

On the Go!




Final Straw






Refillable Lavender Laundry Powder

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Food Storage




Abeego Beeswax Wraps


Dental Hygiene




Refillable Dental Floss

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"Rocking service!! Thank you. We are excited about your new business and going zero waste this year. Excited to try these products. We’ll be repeat customers for certain. Cheers!"

-Malayna and Grant

"Thanks Samantha. Looking forward to my laundry items. So happy I can purchase from Black Rock rather than Amazon!"



"I was excited to start using my produce bags I purchased from Black Rock Refill at the Reno Climate Fair. I put them inside my reusable grocery bags to ensure that I would always have them with me... I was also delighted to find that Sprouts has reusable bags for their bulk items (even the smallest grains/seeds) that are only 99 cents each. One thing I realized during this is that when I buy bulk produce from certain wholesale stores, they are already in plastic bags. With this in mind, I am starting to second-guess some of those purchases (often regular monthly purchases) and buying in smaller quantity at more traditional grocery stores (SO looking forward to farmer's market season) and using my reusable bags." 


"I love the frosted rose lip gloss! It makes my lips feel amazing and the color is great. My new favorite lip gloss."