Black Rock Recycling Program


We would appreciate to collect all CLEANED and DRIED "non-recyclables" dropped off to us. Thank you!

E-Waste Recycling Program. 

Electronic waste including cell phones, laptops, and tablets. Only HP and Canon inkjet cartridges acceptable, no other brands will be accepted. 


L.O.L Surprise! Recycling Program. 

We will accept all L.O.L Surprise! packaging, accessories, and products. 


Swiffer Recycling Program. 

Includes Sweeper Dry, Wet, & XL Refills, WetJet Refills, and Duster Refills. 


Tide Eco-Box Recycling Program. 

Including plastic packaging wrap, bag, dispensing cup, nozzle and nozzle clip.

Only about 9% of ALL plastics have been recycled. Have you thought about going zero waste with your laundry routine? Check out our zero waste Laundry Products as a great alternative to plastic packaged laundry detergents!


Febreze Air Care Air Freshener Recycling Program. 

Includes cartridges and plugs, air freshener packaging and flexible film, air freshener plastic trigger heads on spray bottles (NOT the plastic spray bottles), Febreze ONE bottles with trigger heads, and Febreze ONE refills 

Febreze 2.jpg

Reserve Products GIMME 5 program accepts CLEAN, STAMPED, RIGID #5 plastics, which include dairy containers, dip containers, plastic caps (even if not stamped), Preserve Products (no razor blades), and prescription bottles (please remove all prescription labels from these bottles)

Preserve 2.jpg