Inspired by a product from 1920, prior to the mass production of plastics. Dark, defined lashes were a must in the early days of cinema, and leading men as well as femmes fatale used cake mascara in their starring roles. Even under the hot lights of the first movie sets, cake mascara stayed in place and resisted smudging - it's no wonder it's still loved today.


Cake mascara is a great alternative to the plastic tube mascaras. Save the environment while looking amazing! Since the cake mascara dries after application, you won't see bacterial growth and this mascara can last up to two years, compared to the 3 months for the tube mascara. Just image the cost savings! Use this mascara as an eye liner or brow filler as well! 

Bésame's Black Cake Mascara is packaged in a collectible tin with an adorable small applicator brush included. The refill palette comes in compostable packaging. Complete your beauty routine with our mascara brush set, makeup correcting LastSwab, and reusable makeup removers!

Cake Mascara

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  • Simply dampen the brush, mix with a drop of water on the cake, place the brush at the roots of lashes, and gently brush upwards. To prevent clumps, allow to dry then apply a second coat. Removes easily with a skin cleanser and a bit of warm water.

    Use different types of applicators for different effects. Wear simply as mascara, or try it as an eyeliner or eyebrow fill!

    Check out Besame's library of tutorials to learn more!