Drop. Drink. Enjoy! 


Enjoy the best tasting water from your tap! Kishu Charcoal To Go is the ideal way to bring filtered water on the go in a reusable water bottle. Filter on the go to the gym, the car, or your bicycle. Enjoy the taste of natural spring water with Kishu Charcoal. Kishu Charcoal Filters starts working immediately and effectively to reduce lead, mercury, copper, aluminum, uranium, and molybdenum, plus more, as well as imparts three minerals: calcium, potassium, and magnesium. 

We offer two different sizes: To Go for 12-16oz water bottles and Regular for 1-2 quart pitchers.


Suggested Retail Price: To Go $14.99; Regular $22.99

MAP: To Go $14.99; Regular $22.99

Charcoal Water Filters

  • Kishu could not be easier to use. Simply place your stick of Kishu in any vessel and add tap water. Kishu begins working immediately bonding with toxins in tap water. It does not need to be removed. 

    To Go: Ideally, place filter in any 12-16 ounce water bottle. We recommend adding tap water in the evening for use the next day. Optimal filtration time 1-2 hours.

    Regular: Ideally, place filter in 1-2 quart pitcher. We recommending adding tap water in the evening for use the next day. Optimal Filtration time 6-8 hours. 

    We recommend renewing the filter once a month to keep exterior pores open. To renew the filter, simply boil gently in a shallow pan of water for 5 minutes, allow to dry out for 20 minutes before reusing.

    One stick lasts 4 months.