These coconut soap slips are the perfect alternative to those pesky liquid hand soap bottles hanging around your sinks. Nohbo Soap Slips melt in your hands instantly and they are vegan, cruelty free, paraben free, high performance and gluten free.


Slips melt in mere seconds under water, and cleanse your hands thoroughly. A light coconut scent leaves a residual pleasant aroma. Nohbo Soap Slips are packaged in an eco-friendly recyclable cardboard coated container, with a novel dispensing method built in. Each slip lathers generously from palm to pinky.


Each pack is comprised of 60 Slips for 60 washes!


Suggested Retail Price: $8.99

MAP Pricing: $6.99

Coconut Soap Slips

    1. Grab a Nohbo Soap Slip with dry hands.
    2. Cup the Slip in your hands and hold under sink water for 1-3 seconds.
    3. Scrub up and rinse!

    For topical use only. Do not consume and ingest. Use caution to store out of reach of children. Use only as intended.