Ditch that annoying clingy, polluting, plastic wrap and make the switch to reusable and fun Abeego Beeswax food wraps!


Abeego picks up where the peel leaves off. These beeswax wraps protects food from air and moisture and lets it breathe just like nature’s lemon peel, onion skin and cheese rind. Keep Food Alive. Lasts one year or longer depending on how often you use them. 


Variety pack Includes: 

1 Small Wrap 18 cm x 18 cm (7” x 7”)

1 Medium Wrap 25 cm x 25 cm (10” x 10”)

1 Large Wrap 33 cm x 33 cm (13” x 13”)


Giant pack includes:

1 Giant Wrap 33 cm x 61 cm (13” x 24”)


Keep your celery crisp, bread freshly swaddled, and potluck casserole underwraps! Great for wrapping that freshly baked bread from the market!


Cases of one size are also available, please inquire for more details. 


Suggested retail price: $18

MAP: $18

Beeswax Wraps

  • Wash in COLD water with an eco-friendly or gentle dish soap.

    No microwaves or hot temperatures.

    Simply use firm press to adhere the wrap to any surface, as well as onto itself, you'd like to cover.

    Please refer to abeego website for some fun videos on how to use your beeswax wraps!