We're bringing back the safety razor! This hunk of metal of a razor is meant to last you FOREVER! No need to ever replace this beauty, especially with a disposable or weak plastic razor. This sleek stainless steel razor will shine in your shower without that plastic dulling up it's presence. Let this baby shine in your new zero waste shave routine and watch your wallet grow with the savings. The cost of a plastic razor cartridge refill can easily cost you $4 per razor head! That's insane! Why not save your financial stress, money, and environment by switching to Albatross!


These razors are designed by Albatross and includes 10 recyclable steel blades and burlap travel sack. The butterfly shape creates an easy and safe blade-to-razor assembly and disassembly. The 3-piece is easy to clean with no mechanical parts, like with the butterfly razor, and only consists of 3 parts. The butterfly extra long razor has a longer handle than the original butterfly razor, perfect for those who shave often and/or have bigger hands. This safety razor is made of stainless steel.

Suggested retail price: 3-Piece Razor $24.99, Butterfly Razor $29.99, Butterfly Extra Long Handle $39.99, 10 Blade Refill $3

MAP: 3-Piece Razor $24.99, Butterfly Razor $29.99, Butterfly Extra Long Handle $39.99, 10 Blade Refill $3

Double-Edge Safety Razor

  • These razors are beautiful, but can be tricky. The best advice is to take is slow and learn your body. You can use the weight of the razor to shave, so the razor is basically doing all the work for you. No need to force the blade across your skin when you use its weight to glide across your body. 

    Slow also means shorter distance. Use 1 - 2 inches of gliding at a time, until you feel more comfortable traveling longer distances with your new mate. 

    Afraid to commit to such a stud? No worries, watch this video to see how easy it is to make the switch! 

  • Used blades can be returned to Black Rock Refill or shipped directly back to Albatross for recycling. Albatross is currently making stainless steel utensils out of the recycled blades! Take a look at their Take Back Ware in our store.

    All paper products (blade envolopes) are recyclable and compostable.

    Please recycle razor at a metal recycling facility. 

    The burlap travel pouch is compostable.