This will be your final straw! Refuse all those nasty, wildlife harming, ocean polluting plastic straws when you're out and about and bring your own reusable, collapsible straw with FinalStraw 2.0! 


Collapsible, reusable, stainless steel straw for people on the go! Now smaller and comes with its own cleaning brush.


Start sucking responsibly!



One FinalStraw

Sexy Case 

Telescoping Cleaning Brush


Available in various colors, silver straws.

Suggested retail price: $24.50

MAP: $24.50

Collapsible Straw

  • Carry your final straw with you where ever you go with its easy to use keychain. 


    Whip it out when you refuse plastic straws. 


    To clean, simply use soap, water, and the included brush for easy cleaning. Or you can simply toss it in your dish washer.


    Once dry, collapse the straw, and components, into its keychain case and go go go! 

  • At end of life please send straw and/or components to FinalStraw at: 

    3518 Fremont Avenue #353 Seattle, WA 98103