Refuse those ugly, chemically, coral reef harming, plastic sunblocks and make the easy switch to a more natural and earth friendly sun block. Oxybenzone, active form of sunscreen, is very harmful for coral reefs and has just been banned in Hawaii! Zinc is a natural sun block element, and when mixed with oils containing UV absorbing properties can make the perfect natural sun block. 


This 1oz zinc balm is formulated specially to spread smoothly in cold weather (and tested in the high and dry climate of the Colorado Rockies). Awesome for protecting your skin from windburn, salt spray, and the brutal reflected double-dose of sunlight you get when you participate in snow and water sports.


If it’s warmer in your climate, take care not to leave it in a hot car. Or, if you do, leave it upright so that if it melts, it will re-solidify in the tube instead of the lid.


They are lightly sweetened with stevia in case you’d like to use it on your lips – completely natural and perfect for anyone with sensitivities to artificial flavors. This bee-free version is also perfect for all vegans over 6 months of age.

Suggested retail price: $12

MAP: $12

Surf and Snow Zinc Balm

  • Apply as often as needed to moisturize and protect skin wind and sun. 

    Simply add some coconut oil with the zinc balm when applying for thinner spread.