Packaged without plastic and made without beeswax!! We are excited to share these new paper tube lip gloss! Save your money and the planet all while looking good doing it! 


These lip gloss tubes are more than double the size of a typical little plastic tube, so they will last you quite a long time.


These lip tints are named for their colors (not flavors). They are not dark enough in color to be considered true lip sticks, but they will add a bit of sparkle, shine, and color – perfect for anyone looking for just a little more than a plain lip balm. They are lightly sweetened with stevia – completely natural and perfect for anyone with sensitivities to artificial flavors. This bee-free version is also perfect for vegans.


Suggested retail price: $10

MAP: $10

Vegan Lip Gloss

  • Apply as often as needed to moisturize and protect skin wind and sun.