Looking for a great zero waste alternative for your chemical dryer sheets and ugly fabric softener bottles? Look no further, these 100% New Zealand wool dryer balls are a great chemical free replacement. Reuse these dryer balls for the rest of your life and watch how much you save! Saving money and saving the planet never felt so good! 


This product includes 4 wool balls and comes in a 100% cotton handmade bag. Or purchase these in bulk for $2.75 each (does not include the cotton bag).


• 100% Natural – No Dyes or Perfumes
• Reduces Drying Time by up to 30%
• Softens clothes and reduces static
• Reusable and long-lasting (years!)
• Hand-made


Suggested retail price: $19.99 for the set of 4 and $5 for individual wool balls. 

MAP: $19.99 for the set of 4 and $5 for individual wool balls.

Wool Dryer Balls

  • Simply toss the wool balls into your dryer and leave them there.


    You can scent these wool balls with any essential oils you prefer, AND differently with each dryer load! 


    Easily store them in your dryer, load after load!

  • At end of life, please compost the wool product and cotton packaging.