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Did you know? The floss from the store or given to you from the dental office is usually made of nylon, a plastic fiber that is usually coated with perflourinated polymers (PFCs), which help gliding between teeth. However, PFCs have been shown to be implicated in may health problems in humans as an environmental contaminant. Now you can refuse plastic floss and their contaminants by using a silk floss coated in a natural wax and mint flavoring. 


This is an amazing zero waste dental hygiene product with 33 yard spools of mulberry silk floss coated with natural mint flavor and candelilla wax. This amazing product was designed by Dental Lace. This package comes with 2 spools of floss to refill your Dental Lace reusable glass floss container.


This dental floss and all packaging is compostable! 

Dental Lace Silk Floss