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The Soap & Suds Hand & Body Wash and refills are a great way to help you reduce your bathroom plastic waste.  


Start with either the 16oz aluminum bottle (body wash) or the 8oz glass bottle (hand saop) and when you need a refill, simply refill from your 32oz bottle. When you are completely out, return the empty 32oz bottle for a full one, refill your 16oz or 8oz bottles, and repeat! The best way to start is with our Starter Set which includes one 16oz aluminum bottle, one 8oz glass bottle, and one 32oz refill bottle. 


We offer 10% off your 32oz bottle refill when you return your empty 32oz bottle to us! Just use promo code Suds32 to receive the discount online and the empty bottle will be picked up upon order delivery, this option is only available for Reno area delivery. 


We offer free shipping of the empty bottle back to us for those residing outside the Reno area! Just let us know when you'd like to ship it back to us and we'll send you a shipping label! 

Fillaree Soap & Suds Hand & Body Wash

  • Distilled Water, Saponified oils of the following; Organic Coconut, Organic Castor, Olive, vegetable glycerin, Essential Oils Blend, Hydroxyethylcellulose (a natural thickener)