Johnny Drops are specially formulated fizzing tablets that make cleaning your toilet fun, easy, and plastic free! Sold in a pack of 20 drops!


Johnny Drops freshen the bathroom and leave the toilet sparkling. An added benefit is that it reduces toilet bowl ring from mineral deposit. Regular use make it so that you do not need to get in there and scrub with a pumice stone.


Scented with essential oils of lemon, sweet orange and lavender – these will leave your bathroom smelling fresh and clean, without a chemical overload.


Complete your zero waste house cleaning routine with any of our refillable options for home cleaners!

Johnny Drops

  • Just drop one in the bowl, swish the water around with your wand a little, wait about 5 minutes, then scrub and flush.


    Note of caution: These are intended for use in the toilet bowl not the tank. Using in the bowl will make your toilet sparkle. Use in the tank can cause damage to toilet seals and parts. Never add anything to the water tank of your toilet regardless of whether instructions on packages indicate it is safe to do so!

  • Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Peppermint Essential Oil