The perfect companions to Cake Mascara, this set includes a mascara brush and liner brush. The 5-inch handle makes them easy to hold, and synthetic, cruelty-free hair makes them easy to clean.


Whether used for a natural look or a more glamorous makeup style, these brushes from Bésame are sure to complement your beauty routine!


Suggested Retail Price: $15

MAP: Cannot sell this product on ANY website, online store, social media stores, or third party retailers. In store purchase only per manufacturers agreement. 

Mascara Brush Set

  • Simply dampen the brushes, mix with a drop of water on the cake, place the brush at the roots of lashes, and gently brush upwards. Or use mascara as an eyeliner. To prevent clumps, allow to dry then apply a second coat. Removes easily with a skin cleanser and a bit of warm water.

    Check out Besame's library of tutorials to learn more!

  • Please recycle paper and cardboard packaging. 

    Please repurpose or donate the mascara brush or use the eyeliner brush for painting. Hair bristles can be composted along with wooden handle. 

    Recycle metal on handles in metal recycling or curbside recycling if accepted.