Black Rock Resources

On this page you will find educational content to help you effectively recycle. These materials were designed by our experts at Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful, Keep Truckee Green, and Keep Tahoe Blue non-profit organizations.

Refuse - What you do not need!

Refusing really starts outside of the household, refusing things we do not need, for example: single-use plastics, freebies (pens, hotel toiletries, party favors, business cards, etc), and junk mail! 

To opt out of junk mail:

Reduce - To what we do need and cannot refuse!

Reducing starts within the household. To start reducing, consider starting with these areas and answer the following questions: 

  • Reduce food packaging: Can I buy in bulk and at the deli instead? 

  • Reduce car usage: Can I bike, walk, take public transit, carpool, or work from home more?

  • Reduce personal effects: Do I need it? 

  • Reduce paper load: Do I need to print it? Can I get a digital or refuse that receipt? 

  • Reduce sizing: Can I buy a lesser amount? Or bring back "borrow from your neighbor"!

  • Clean out your "storage spaces" such as your garage, storage, and closets and consider donating items to nonprofits, local charities, churches, schools, libraries, SPCA, and even regifting!

Looking for ways to reduce your household waste? Check out Keep Truckee Green's 7 Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste and Green Oklahoma's 40 Easy Ways to Avoid Plastic Waste.

Reuse - What we consume and cannot refuse or reduce.

Reusing offers an ultimate diversion from disposal. It can effectively eliminate wasteful consumption, alleviate resource depletion, and extend the useful life of the goods purchased.

You can simply start with the following Basic Reusables Checklist:

  • Totes

  • Widemouthed insulated cups

  • Jars

  • Bottles and mugs

  • Cloth bags

  • Rags

  • Kitchen towels

  • Cloth napkins

  • Handkerchiefs

  • Rechargeable batteries

  • Lunch box and carry utensils



Looking to repurpose items around the house? What about repurposing a T-shirt into a reusable tote bag? 

Keep Tahoe Blue has creatively made a video to show you how to do just that, check it out! 

Then ... Recycle

Need help recycling those non-recyclables? 

We have partnered up with TerraCycle to help you with that, check out our Black Rock Recycle page to learn more! 

Still don't know where to recycle some items around the house? Check out Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful Recycling Guide to learn how to recycle items such as lights, batteries, styrofoam, appliances, and more! 

Truckee Residents, check out Keep Truckee Green's Truckee Recycling Guide to learn more about how to properly dispose of recycling and waste in the Truckee area. 

Want to learn more about what happens when recycling is not conducted properly? Keep Truckee Green talks about the effects of not recycling or improper recycling in their post on The Compounding Effects of Not Recycling

Keep Tahoe Blue non-profit organization has creatively made a litter clean up bingo activity to help those recognize the type and amount of litter you come by on a daily basis. Take part next time you are out and about to see if you can hit BINGO! Use the hashtags provided to help spread your word! 

Recycling and Pollution Kid Activities

DRI's Science Alive program offers many different at home kids activities to help engage students in recycling, waste reduction, the R's, and learn about pollution. Check out their online content here!